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Welcome to my website. I’m currently an entertainment reporter at USA TODAY, where I cover diversity and inclusion. As a freelance writer, my work has been published in The Washington Post, Washingtonian, Into and more. I am pursuing a masters degree in nonfiction writing at Johns Hopkins University and have a B.A. in journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park. Please click through these pages and and contact me with questions, pitches and freelance work.


  1. Read your article on Cats and all I can say is finally a reviewer who liked the movie. My wife and I as well as some of my Facebook friends rather enjoyed the move. I have told everyone to ignore the critics and see the movie. I can not understand how so many critics not only did not like the movie but gave it some of the worst reviews I have ever seen a movie get. I disagree with you, didn’t think Beautiful Ghosts was that bad of a song. I really liked Francesca Hayward’s dancing, of course a professional ballerina that can sing didn’t hurt. I want to see it again and I will buy the disc when it comes out.

  2. Thank You for Your article on the Movie, Brokeback Mountain. It was carried by the Pensacola News Journal, December 10th, 2020. You have reached Small Town America and are improving this World during a difficult Year.

  3. Hi David , I really appreciated your article about “Jewface”.
    It feels so absolutely wrong to have non Jewish actors playing prototypical Jewish roles .
    Felicity Jones as RBG is an example of this ridiculous practice .
    I’m sure with a little bit of hunting they could’ve found a Jewish actress to play this role with a lot more authenticity .
    Thank you again for calling this out .

    Sincerely, Allegra David

    PS My older brother’s name is Oliver David 😁

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